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Portfolio & Testimonials

Ultra-Modern Spacious 1 Bedroom

“I’m very particular whom I rent my condo to and even more demanding of the staff I use to rep it. I went through several companies until I found Check-in LA/PS. Kerry is very dependable, reliable, personable and his knowledge about the “sharing-community” is invaluable.” – Richard

Sherman Oaks 1+1

“Last summer I hired Check-in LA/PS to allow me time to relax, travel and spend time with friends and family. I didn’t need to worry about meeting guests or getting calls during dinner asking how to lower the blinds. Thank you Check-in LA/PS for giving me my summer back.” – Marc

Sunset Strip Luxury Apartment

“I have several apartments in West Hollywood and I use Check-in LA/PS to handle all of them. Kerry & his team are amazing, I rely on them to ensure my apartments are well maintained and my guests are happy. If you have a rental property in LA I highly recommend Check-in LA/PS.” – Arthur

Great Location in Hollywood

“Thanks to Check-in LA/PS I keep getting 5-Star reviews. Everyone posts comments on how clean the place is and how easy it is to check in. Check-in LA/PS does all the corresponding with my guests and meets them at my place when they arrive – no matter what the time. The cleaning crew even came in on New Years Eve with very short notice. These guys are the best.” – Frank

Penthouse Apartment with Killer Views

“The crew at Check-in LA/PS is fantastic! They are prompt, professional and they make sure our apartment is kept immaculate and always ready for our next guest arrival. We rely on Check-in LA/PS staff to make all the necessary arrangements with our guests to ensure an easy check in and to make them feel welcome in our home.” – Peter

Casa818 Pool Oasis

“My partner and I both have full time jobs and we don’t have time to check guests in and out of our rental house. Kerry deals with the guests and the cleaning crews and I just wait for the Airbnb payment to arrive. He even meets with the gardener and pool man when we can’t. Well worth the fee he charges.” – Jimmy